2010 Research Achievements

1. Journal Papers (2) (Refereed: 2)

  1. Tsuchiya. S. et al. MicroRNA-210 Regulates Cancer Cell Proliferation through Targeting Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor-Like 1 (FGFRL1). J. Biol. Chem. 286, 420-428, 2011.
  2. Imanaka Y. et al. MicroRNA-141 Confers Resistance to Cisplatin-induced Apoptosis by Targeting YAP1 in Human Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. J. Hum. Genet. 2011 Feb3.

2. Presentations (2) (Invited: 0)

  • Yuko Fukuyama, Natsumi Funakoshi, Koichi Tanaka, “High-sensitivity MALDI analyses of glycopeptides using 3-AQ/CHCA as a liquid matrix,” p. 18
    → Description of a new methodology to detect disease-related glycopeptide compounds at 10 to 100 times higher sensitivity. This is the first fruit of the FIRST research program.
    Presentation materials(482KB)
  • Kaoru Kaneshiro, Yuko Fukuyama, Koichi Tanaka, “High-sensitivity MALDI analyses of glycans by a 3-AQ labeling method in 3-AQ/CHCA liquid matrix,” p. 30
    → Follow-up report to the report published by the Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan (MSSJ2010 16P-047), “Glycans detection sensitivity increased by several hundred to 10,000 times compared to conventional methods,” as an output from Mass Spectrometry Research Laboratory.
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3. Published Books (0)

4. Symposia (1)

No. Date Organizer Program Title Contents Place Attendees
1 Oct. 30, 2010 Kyoto University The 2nd Kyoto Symposium on the Future of Pharmaceuticals The symposium was intended to introduce the summary of the FIRST research program and its objective to “develop the next-generation mass spectrometer through industry-university cooperation, and contribute to drug discovery and new diagnostic methods.”(Details: Topics) Kyoto University 100

5. Outreach Activities (7)

No. Date Organizer Program Title Contents Place Attendees
1 Apr. 30, 2010 Shimadzu (sponsored by Kyoto University) Activating Creativity Through Inter-Disciplinary Research Koichi Tanaka talked about the importance of inter-disciplinary research from his experience in inventing the Nobel prize winning mass spectrometer.(Details: Topics) Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University 200
2 Jun. 5, 2010 Shimadzu (sponsored by the Cabinet Office) A Message to You (Science & Technology Festa in Kyoto) From his experiences in high school days through today, Koichi Tanaka talked about the importance of inter-disciplinary research and industry-university-government cooperation to tomorrow’s leaders.(Details:Topics) Kyoto International Conference Center 300
3 Aug. 4, 2010 Shimadzu (sponsored by International Carbohydrate Symposium) International Carbohydrate Symposium-ICS2010 After presenting achievements from his past research, Koichi Tanaka talked about the development of the next-generation mass spectrometer, including glycan analysis. Makuhari Messe Convention Center 300
4 Sep. 6, 2010 Shimadzu (sponsored by Toyama Prefecture) Science and Technology Exchange to Pave the Way to Toyama’s Future Koichi Tanaka introduced his FIRST research project, and exchanged opinions with leaders from local universities and industries.(Details:Topics) Toyama Daiichi Hotel 120
5 Oct. 13, 2010 Shimadzu (sponsored by Tohoku University) What Is Needed to Develop a Next-Generation Mass Spectrometer to Contribute to Medicine and Pharmaceutics? Koichi Tanaka introduced the FIRST research project and exchanged opinions with researchers and students of Tohoku University.(Details:Topics) School of Engineering, Tohoku University 30
6 Oct. 13, 2010 Shimadzu (sponsored by Tohoku University) What Environment Enables Inter-Disciplinary Research? – An Example from Mass Spectrometer Development During his lecture, Koichi Tanaka also referred to the FIRST project, and talked about his theory on how to exhibit creativity in Japan’s research environment.(Details:Topics) Tohoku University Internal Advanced Research and Education Organization 100
7 Oct. 28, 2010 Shimadzu (sponsored by Yomiuri Shimbun and Fukushima Minyu Shimbun) A Forum with a Nobel Laureate – A Message to the Next Generation Koichi Tanaka presented a keynote speech on nurturing young researchers, and then joined a panel discussion.(Details:Topics) College of Engineering, Nihon University (Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture) 550
8 Mar. 7 to 11, 2011 Shimadzu (sponsored by the Japan Society of the Promotion of Science) 3rd HOPE Meetings Koichi Tanaka gave a speech to graduate students in the Asia Pacific region. Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa (Minato-ku, Tokyo) 99
9 Mar. 13, 2011 Japan Science and Technology Agency FIRST Science Forum – Leading Scientists and Young Researchers Open Up the Future – Koichi Tanaka gave a lecture at the 3rd forum (in Kyoto) and took part in a panel discussion. Kyoto International Conference Center (Kyoto) 200

6. Media Coverage & Publicity: TV (1), Newspapers (11), Magazines (NOT Journal Paper) (1), Others (3)

No. Types of Media Broadcaster / Publisher Program Name / Title Broadcast / Publication Date Page
1 web Patent Office PR Site 25th Anniversary of the IPR System Project: “Messages from Modern Inventors to Inventors of the Future”
Mr. Tanaka was a featured speaker who communicated the “fun of invention” to a young audience.
Apr. 2010 Patent Office PR Site
2 Newspaper Asahi Shimbun Keyperson
Mr. Tanaka reviewed the FIRST program and emphasized that it is rewarding to be a researcher and an engineer but they should also be accountable.
May 7, 2010 p. 7
3 Newspaper Nikkeisangyo Shimbun Changing Research Frontlines – Releasing an Individual’s Talent Of the 30 Core Researchers on the FIRST program, introduces the researchers from the corporate world. Mr. Tanaka was covered in the first story with Dr. Tonomura from Hitachi. May 25, 2010 p. 1, p. 9
4 Others Kyoto University News Establishment of World-Leading Drug Discovery Research Center Introduces the newly established research center at Kyoto University. #656 (May 2010) p. 3176
5 Web Nikkei Shimbun (Yomiuri Online, Mainichi Shimbun, KBSnews, etc.) Nobel laureate speaks on the excitement of science to high-school students. Introduces the contents of his presentation at Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto. Jun. 6, 2010 -
6 Newspaper Nihonkeizai Shimbun Easier Detection of Biomarker Glycans
Explains how the resolution for glycans detection by a few hundred to ten thousand times will lead to earlier detection of diseases and contribute to treatments.
Jun. 14, 2010 p. 11
7 Newspaper Chunichi Shimbun Behind the Nobel Prize: A Man Who Was Not Afraid of Failure and Believed in Himself
An overview of the message delivered at Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto was introduced in an article aimed at high school students.
Jun. 29, 2010 p. 9
8 Magazine JST News Report on Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto – Making Science and Technology the Engine to Drive Innovation
Covers Science and Technology Festa in Kyoto over 4 pages.
Jul. 2010 pp. 6-9
9 Newspaper Kyoto Shimbun A Talk with This Man: Hachiro Sugimoto, an Expert on Drug Discovery
Professor Sugimoto of Kyoto University talks about the difficulties and excitement that come from drug discovery.
Jul. 4, 2010 p. 18
10 Newspaper Mainichi Shimbun I Saw the Spirit of Challenge in Hayabusa: A dialogue between Junichiro Kawaguchi and Koichi Tanaka.
The Hayabusa Space Probe project showed the importance of fearlessly striving toward our dreams with persistence – a message especially for adults.
Jul. 15, 2010 p. 18
11 Newspaper Asahi Shimbun Computer Age for Bio Researchers
Professor Tsujimoto of Kyoto University explains the current trends in genetic diagnosis and treatment as applied fields of bioinformatics.
Aug. 10, 2010 p. 26
12 Newspaper Nikkeisangyo Shimbun Technology Leads the Way to Japan’s Future
Three core researchers from the FIRST project –– Mr. Tanaka of Shimadzu, Dr. Nakayama of Kyoto University, and Dr. Tonomura of Hitachi –– are introduced as having high industry expectations.
Aug. 30, 2010 p. 19
13 TV Kitanihon Broadcasting Science & Technology Exchange with Koichi Tanaka
Introduces the Science & Technology exchange event held in Toyama.
Sep. 6, 2010 News program
14 Newspaper Toyama Shimbun, Kitanihon Shimbun, etc. The Secret of Turning Failure into Success
The Nobel laureate Koichi Tanaka spoke at the Science & Technology exchange event in Toyama.
Sep. 7, 2010 Toyama Shimbun article
15 Newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun Showing Japan’s Scientific Competence
Telephone dialogue between Nobel laureates, Dr. Suzuki, Dr. Esaki and Mr. Tanaka
Oct. 7, 2010 p. 6
16 Newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun – Tokyo edition A Forum with a Nobel Laureate –– A Message to the Next Generation at Nihon University Nov. 12, 2010 pp. 22, 23
Yomiuri Shimbun (Evening Paper) Osaka Edition Nov. 22, 2010 Details of article
17 Newspaper Nikkei Shimbun (Evening Paper) Hayabusa Returns Itokawa Asteroid Particles to Earth
(Koichi Tanaka commented, “I am happy science and technology contributed to this dream. Industry making these challenges while dealing with failures shows the way to the future.”)
Nov. 16, 2010 p. 14
18 Magazine Chemical Monthly (March Issue) Symposium: Breakthroughs in Analytical Instruments –– Progress in the Last 10 Years and into the Future Feb. 18, 2011 March 2011 Edition
19 Newspaper Kyoto Shimbun Talk on the Way of Scientific Research to High-School Students Mar. 14, 2011 p. 21