Dec. 9, 2011: Progress related to flexible antibodies introduced in Nikkei Biotech.

 The Koichi Tanaka Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology gave a press release on November 8 announcing a flexible antibody as a promising pretreatment technology considered to be indispensable to state-of-the-art mass spectrometry systems. After that, a paper providing a detailed description was published, and that was followed by an article published in Nikkei Biotech Online that described future development for application in drug development.

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Newly-arrived related information:
Nov. 11, 2011: [Materials Provided] Paper on flexible antibody with 100 times the antigen binding force published.
Nov. 8, 2011: [Press Release] Development of technological breakthrough that will lead to early diagnosis of disease from one drop of blood
Nov. 7, 2011: [Materials Provided] The paper “Immunobeads-Mass Spectrometry” published.