Innovation No.35



World Heritage vol.8

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Unique Landform Created by a Small River Magical World of 16 Lakes and 92 Waterfalls


Civilization Fostered by Water

Chinese Civilization
Civilization Based on Non-irrigated Upland Agriculture Flourished in the Yellow River Basin Devastating
Deforestation over Several Thousand Years


Topics and Issues in The 3rd World Water Forum (PDF:507 KB)

  • Shimadzu Presented its Commitment as a Company Thinking of Water in Global Dimensions
  • Responding to Various Water Recycling Applications, with a Focus on Gray Water Recycling Systems
  • Aral Sea Dries Up and Agricultural Land Turns to Wasteland

Pitfalls of Large-scale Irrigation Agriculture in Arid Central Asia


Fundamental Science of Water

Miraculous Water - Commonplace Yet Extraordinary
Liquid Water has a Higher Specific Gravity than Ice
Maximum Density of Water Occurs at 4。c --Luckily For Fish!


Special News (PDF:614 KB)

Six O'clock in the Evening on October 9th 2002
News Arrived saying that Koichi Tanaka Researcher in Shimadzu had Won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002


New Products and Topics (PDF:104 KB)