Nov. 1, 2012: [Materials Provided] Second paper on C-terminal sequencing methods published.

 As terminal analysis has recently attracted attention for the clarification of the pharmacological action of proteins and for the development of antibody drugs, there is an urgent need for an easy and accurate analysis method. However, no universal method exists due to the wide diversity in protein structures, and C-terminal analysis is thought to be especially difficult.
 The paper described the results of research from this project into a superior C-terminal analysis method able to handle this wide range of structural diversity. For easy acquisition of amino acid sequencing data, the method cleverly applies the specific reaction to arginine residues to selectively extract only the C-terminal peptides from a mixture of peptide fragments after enzymatic digestion.

Hiroki Kuyama, Chihiro Nakajima, Koichi Tanaka
“Enriching C-terminal peptide from endopeptidase ArgC digest for protein C-terminal analysis”, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Volume 22, 2012, pp7163-7168
Koichi Tanaka Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology, Shimadzu Corporation

Presentation materials (Link to the paper published in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters)

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