Aug. 2, 2012: [Materials Provided] Paper on C-terminal sequencing methods published.

A paper by the Koichi Tanaka Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology has been published in “Analytical Biochemistry,” a globally prominent academic journal primarily in the field of bio-related analytical chemistry.
Clarifying protein C-terminal structure is extremely important but has proved problematic to date. In this report, specific chemical modifications and isolation methods are cleverly combined so as to select only C-terminal peptides from a mixture of peptide fragments following enzyme digestion, resulting in the easy acquisition of amino acid sequencing data.

Chihiro Nakajima, Hiroki Kuyama, Koichi Tanaka
“Mass spectrometry-based sequencing of protein C-terminal peptide using α-carboxyl group-specific derivatization and COOH capturing”, Analytical Biochemistry, 2012, Volume 428, Issue 2, pp167-172 SHIMADZU Corporation, Koichi Tanaka Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology

Presentation materials (Link to the paper in Analytical Biochemistry)