Sep. 18, 2012: [Materials Provided] The importance of mass spectrometry and basic study was conveyed to high school students and university students.

 The IMSC2012 KYOTO 19th International Mass Spectrometry Conference was held from September 17 to 21 at the Kyoto International Conference Center.
 Core researcher and General Manager Koichi Tanaka held an open lecture on September 15 on the topic, “Mass Spectrometry, Which Is Increasingly Contributing to Science and Technology—Cutting Edge Research Stems from Basic Studies.” In the lecture, while illustrating his words with a pendulum experiment, he stressed the importance of mass spectrometry and basic study up to the high school level. He also described practical inventions by young researchers in the FIRST Program, and indicated that they would play a role in the future prospects of Japan.
 A lively question and answer session was held with the 1,200 people in attendance primarily from the Kansai area, particularly high school and university students.
 This lecture was reported on in the newspapers.

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