Nov. 26, 2012: [Materials Provided] Paper describing successful analysis of nitrosylation post-translational modifications.

 One of the world’s most authoritative journals in the field of mass spectrometry, the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, published a paper describing a method of analysis for S-nitrosylation, which was believed to be impossible by conventional UV-MALDI measurements.
 S-nitrosylation is a form of post-translational protein modification that readily breaks down. It can be measured by conventional MALDI without decomposition only by using a special IR laser that provides softer ionization.
 This paper introduces a new method that uses a newly developed matrix additive to permit measurements of S-nitrosylated peptides without decomposition using MALDI with a general-purpose UV laser.

Makoto Watanabe1,3, Rie Yamamoto1, Shinichi Iwamoto1, Yuko Fukuyama1, Ritsuko Tanimura1, Shin-ichirou Kawabata1, Taka-Aki Sato1,3, Shunsuke Izumi2, Koichi Tanaka1
“Potential of radical scavenging reagents as a matrix additive in the direct detection of S-nitrosylated peptides with UV-MALDI MS”, Int. J Mass Spectrom., 2013, Vol. 333, pp67-71
1 Koichi Tanaka Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology, Shimadzu Corporation
2 Department of Mathematical and Life Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University
3 Life Science Research Center, Technology Research Laboratory, Shimadzu Corporation

Presentation materials (Link to overview of the paper published in Int. J Mass Spectrom.)