May 14, 2012: Result presented at the AOHUPO 6th Congress.

The AOHUPO Asia and Oceania regional conference of the HUPO Human Proteome Organization, a society for research into human proteins, was held in Beijing on May 5 to 7, 2012. At the conference, a study result was presented by the Koichi Tanaka Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology. The report involved algorithms and performance evaluation results for proprietarily devised peak detection software.
This software is scheduled for release in combination with the Mass++ display and analysis software program.

Jingwen Yao1, Satoshi Tanaka1, Howell Parry1, Shin-ichi Utsunomiya1, Shigeki Kajihara1, Koichi Tanaka1, Tsuyoshi Tabata2
“Peak Detection Method in Mass++ – A Protein Analysis Platform in Mass Spectrometry”
1 Koichi Tanaka Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology, Shimadzu Corporation
2 Eisai Corporation

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