Mar. 18, 2013: [Materials Provided] Booth display and poster presentation at Science-Festa.

Science-Festa held in the Kyoto Pulse Plaza Main Exhibition Hall on March 16 and 17 featured booths from over 40 public organizations, universities, high schools, and corporations, including a booth from the Tanaka project of the FIRST Program.
The booth explained the project using large posters (see link to pdf below). It also displayed an approximately 30 year-old measuring circuit that was used to develop the Nobel Prize-wining soft laser desorption method and demonstrations of the latest pretreatment method for early disease detection.
Over 100 people from a variety of backgrounds showed interest and asked questions, including Mr. Ichita Yamamoto, Minister of State for Special Missions and Mr. Kazuo Kyuma, a member of the Council for Science and Technology Policy.


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