Aug. 20, 2012: [Materials Provided] A lecture entitled “Considering Science and Technology from Their Basis in Nature” was delivered to high school students across Japan.

The 36th All-Japan High School Cultural Festival was held in Toyama Prefecture from August 8 to 12. On August 11, core researcher and General Manager Koichi Tanaka spoke on the topic, “Considering Science and Technology from Their Basis in Nature.” The lecture and lively question and answer period on the theme of natural science were attended by about 600 high school students and educational personnel from within Toyama prefecture and nationwide.

Based on practical experience obtained from research and development in the FIRST Program, particularly with young researchers and engineers, the lecture illustrated that careful study and application of the forms observed in nature, as well as the basics of science up to the high school level, lead to cutting edge world-class discoveries.

This lecture was reported on in news broadcasts and in regional newspapers.