Sep. 20, 2011: The results of this project presented at the 59th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry (September 13–15).

 As stated in the announcement on this home page for September 1, the results of 12 studies in this project were presented at the 59th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry.

 To summarize the results of the 12 studies, “in the post-translational modification analysis of proteins in particular, performance was improved by 1–3 decimal places through development of a variety of pretreatment procedures, ionization, hardware and software, which were applicable to a new analysis of actual cancer-related proteins.” All of the reports were received with great interest and expectation from the debate participants.

 A leaflet containing a summary and outline of all of the presentation results was distributed at the venue, and this information will also be introduced on this site. The leaflet also introduces the results of 5 studies contributed by the Koichi Tanaka Mass Spectrometry Research Laboratory.

 ・Overview of all presentations(464KB)

 The presentations were introduced beforehand via several news organizations, including national newspapers.