May 10, 2013: MALDI Matrix List uploaded (additional materials)

 To date, Koichi Tanaka Lab. Adv. Sci.&Tech.(KTLAST) has uploaded several “useful materials” as reference materials for researchers including “MALDI-MS Technical Reports”.
 MALDI can analyze a wide range of compounds including amino acids/peptides/proteins, monosaccharides/sugar chains, conjugated lipids, nucleic acid-related compounds, metabolites, synthetic polymers, etc. However, selecting the appropriate ionization agent -the matrix- for each target compound is essential.
 Over the past 30 years, several hundred matrix candidates have been investigated and developed. The “MALDI Matrix List” is a 4-page compilation of 23 selected matrices including the most recently developed matrices at KTLAST.

 - MALDI Matrix List(1.19MB)