2009 Research Achievements

1. Journal Papers (0) (Refereed: 0)

2. Presentations (0) (Invited: 0)

3. Published Books (0)

4. Symposia (0)

5. Outreach Activities (2)

No. Date Organizer Program Title Contents Place Attendees
1 Sep. 26, 2009 Shimadzu (sponsored by Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan) 118th Mass Spectrometry Meeting in Kansai Explained the outline of the FIRST research program to Kansai area MS researchers. Osaka Prefecture University 40
2 Oct. 1, 2009 Shimadzu (sponsored by Japanese Cancer Association) Special Lecture –– Can Cancer Be Diagnosed by Mass Spectrometer? Introduced the FIRST research program at the 68th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association. Pacifico Yokohama 300

6. Media Coverage & Publicity: TV (0), Newspapers (2), Magazines (NOT Journal Paper) (1), Others (0)

No. Type of Media Broadcaster / Publisher Program Name / Title Broadcast / Publication Date Page
1 Newspaper Nikkei Shimbun Improving Detection Resolution 1,000 Times for Disease-Related Proteins in Blood
Describes how the FIRST program was started for joint development by Shimadzu and Kyoto University of the next-generation MS system to contribute toward drug discovery for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
Sep. 14, 2009 p. 13
2 Newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun Searching for Substances to Solve the Mystery of Disease
Describes how the FIRST program focuses not only on research, but also on the training of young researchers.
Sep. 28, 2009 p. 22
3 Magazine Science Window With Your Own Experiment, You Can See Something Beyond Failure
Describes the importance of learning from failed experiments in a magazine designed for teachers of science.
Feb. 2009 (2010 Early Spring Issue) pp. 6, 7(380KB)