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Mass++(Ver.2) is mass spectrometry data analysis software that was developed as part of the FIRST ms3d project and released as freeware. It allows for loading data from various mass spectrometers and displaying or analyzing the data in various ways. Mass++ features a plug-in structure that allows users to add custom functionality they developed themselves.

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Note: For more information about Mass++ software, refer to the following research paper.
J. Proteome Res., 2014, 13 (8), pp 3846-3853

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Overview of Mass++ Functionality (flash, 4 min)

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By entering information about post-translational modifications for proteins found by a database search engine, the PTM Librarian tool determines whether or not those post-translational modifications are known. If known, it displays reference literature information reported for those modifications. The PTM Librarian plug-in for Mass++ allows for using PTM Librarian functionality conveniently from Mass++.